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How we work

We typically begin working with our vendor clients at the genesis of a new market opportunity. We approach a new market by first capturing available existing (secondary) research and then using in-depth interviews to develop specific insights into our customer's opportunity. These interviews can include vendors, industry thought leaders, and most importantly, early adopters of the products or technology being deployed. By focusing on early adopters that "get it" (understand the value of new technology solutions) first, we are able to make predictions about how the rest of the market will react. Our early adoption research method is designed to ferret out clues for market success within the early adopter community by asking three basic questions:

  • What do these customers already understand that the rest of the market doesn’t yet "get"?

  • How representative are these early adopters of the greater marketplace?

  • What will happen in the market once everyone understands what these early adopters already know?

By staffing our projects with senior level analysts, we focus on the quality of our discussions rather than the sheer volume of interviews we complete. Some firms use low-level employees to call hundreds of people and ask survey-style questions to arrive at raw profiling figures. By contrast, we assign technology experts--most of whom have strong line-of-business management experience—to conduct wide-ranging, open-ended discussions that reveal insights into buying criteria and how they vary among segments. Through this qualitative research, we quickly and efficiently gain key insights into the market's needs, factors that influence its buying and implementation choices, and its preferences for features, solution packaging, delivery channels, and support.

Speed is frequently a factor with our clients, and we typically complete projects in 4-8 weeks.


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