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The Challenge for Technology Firms

Customer needs, technology, and market conditions change quickly. To thrive, successful companies must understand the changing priorities of existing and potential customers to make key marketing decisions:


  • Identify and choose the best market opportunities across customer segments.
  • Thoroughly understand the key buying criteria of highest value customers.
  • Define market requirements for new or improved products necessary to develop complementary products, technologies, or business relationships.
  • Allocate valuable R&D, and sales and marketing resources in the most productive manner.
  • Identify and select potential strategic partners.
  • Respond to shifts due to a competitor's move or significant changes in the economic climate.

At these decision points, today’s companies need facts to support their decisions. In today’s less-forgiving business climate, good decisions are critical to the survival and success of enterprises. The FactPoint Group provides clients with crucial insights about their existing (and potential) customers' intentions and plans for using new technologies to improve their businesses. This gives our clients a unique opportunity to capture "the voice of the customer" ahead of their competition and allows them to make responsive, fact-based decisions when entering new businesses or extending existing ones. Our clients learn not only about their fastest-growing market segments over the coming years, but also receive crucial fact-based guidance that helps them to better target their marketing and R&D programs. We address such critical questions as:

  • Which are the early adopter market segments that will buy the product first and assign the highest value to this offering? How will early adopters value and use this product?
  • Which product features will appeal most to these early adopters? Why?
  • How will product applications and value propositions vary among market segments?
  • What strategies will strengthen ties with customers, suppliers, and partners?
    What channel strategies can address these pockets of opportunity?
The Challenge for Enterprises

Over the last five years, enterprises have invested heavily in IT and e-business infrastructure to increase efficiency and to improve customer relationships. Much of that investment was made prospectively – without using rigorous financial standards or customer research to measure benefit to the firm.

Given changing economic realities, much of the emphasis of e-business has shifted from customer acquisition to using e-business to increase business efficiency.

The bar for new e-business investment has been raised and the demands for faster results are more acute than ever before. Successful enterprises need proven, research-based methodologies to:

  • Predict and measure the impact of using e-business to improve core business processes.
  • Justify new or increased investment in e-business efforts to their CFO.
  • Thoroughly understand the benefits and value of e-business activities in the supply chain and with channels of distribution, partners and customers.
  • Understand the potential for introducing new products and services to the highest value customers and partners.
  • Create a "CIO Roadmap" to join customer needs and requirements with e-business and IT investments.

At each of these decision points, today’s companies need facts to substantiate their e-business investments. In today’s less-forgiving business climate, good decisions are critical to the survival and success of enterprises. Through proven methodologies, extensive in-depth interviews of leading practitioners, and modeling, FactPoint Group provides enterprise clients with the tools and insights about the impact of their existing and potential e-business activities.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Enterprises want to simplify their technology “stack” to lower costs, to raise service levels, and to improve flexibility to adapt to a changing business environment.

Enterprise vendors are looking to merge with other firms or acquire new technologies to better serve their markets.

For sellers, The FactPoint Group creates merger and acquisition strategies, formulates an investment thesis for each potential acquirer, makes introductions to potential buyers, prepares management for presentations, and assists its clients in meetings. The FactPoint Group works in tandem with management, board members, and investors to supplement their efforts.

For buyers, The FactPoint Group scouts potential acquisition candidates who can fill out the buyer’s technology, product, or service offerings. Because of its familiarity and contacts with Silicon Valley venture firms and start-ups, FactPoint Group is able to identify smaller companies that traditional investment bankers would not be aware of.


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