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White Papers

Voice of the Customer

Selecting the Right Deployment Option (Halogen Software 2008)

Best Practices for Virtual Events (Unisfair 2007)

Taming Virtual Server Sprawl (Virtugo 2007)


Leading Practices in Market Basket Analysis (Quantivo 2008)

Managed File Transfer with YouSendIt: Delivering Business-Critical Files Just Got Easier and More Cost Effective
(YouSendIt 2008)

Vendor Management by Banks – Beyond Compliance (ITM 2008)

Vendor Consolidation in the Application Server Market. (Oracle 2003)

Corporate World Embraces B2B Portals New Study Finds (2002)

Total Cost of Ownership

Fortune 100 Client Saves Millions with Grid MP (UnivaUD 2008)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM and the Extended Enterprise (Concursive 2007)

On-Demand or On-Site? (SugarCRM 2006)

Why Customers Buy Oracle CRM (Oracle 2002)

The Green Enterprise

10 Trends and Technologies Driving Secure Telecommuting (SonicWALL 2008)

Working Green: Bottom-line benefits of telecommuting and secure remote access (SonicWALL 2008)

Systems Management

Systems management in Education: A Best Practices Guide (KACE, 2008)

FDCC: Locking down the desktop – How KACE helps U.S. agencies comply with Federal Desktop Core Configuration mandate (KACE, 2008)

Corporate positioning

Software Appliances: Delivering Application Benefits without OS Hassles (rPath 2006)

Best Practices of Securing Software Intellectual Property Integrity (Palamida 2005) 


The Remote Access Imperative in Disaster Recovery (SonicWALL 2006)

Case studies

Third Screen Media: Today, Millions of Ads ...Tomorrow Billions (2006)

CUNY Proves the Power of Levanta’s Solution (2005)



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